Are We Ready for Potential Unrest Following the Election?

Food for thought from Bolivia on preparing for political turmoil

(Photo by Kayle Kaupanger on Unsplash)

Bolivia’s National Election Restrictions

Taken from the U.S. Embassy website/email notifications:

  • What impact would limiting political demonstrations have in the immediate lead up to the polls?
  • It is comical to think that an election board could prevent people from consuming alcohol in private places.
  • While closing all businesses and transportation seems unrealistic and extreme, it was a good reminder that it would be more equitable and justify if folks did not have to work on election day. But restricting transportation options seems like a clear bias towards the able-bodied and independently mobile.
  • Some of these are clear First Amendment violations, but then again First Amendment rights have been disregarded all summer as peaceful protesters have been attacked by militarized police. So what would we actually be forgoing? Would forgoing the right to protest for a couple of days prevent the loss of innocent lives? Let’s remember the terrorist shooting of protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August.

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